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Sheepdog Theatre is a non-profit theatre company based in Tokyo, Japan.

We believe that theatre has the power to connect people, ignite their imagination, and inspire change. Our mission is to create a vibrant and inclusive community where everyone can experience the magic of live performance.

Donor Benefits



Encore Enthusiast
¥ 5,000
  • 優先席のご案内
  • キャストとの写真撮影
Backstage Benefactor
¥ 10,000
  • All "Encore Enthusiast" perks"
  • Get backstage tour and meet the cast
  • オンデマンド版へのアクセス(該当する場合のみ)
Marquee Member
¥ 25,000
  • All "Backstage Benefactor" perks
  • お好きな公演のチケット
  • シープドッグ・シアターグッズをプレゼント
Ovation Patron
¥ 50,000
  • All "Marquee Member" perks
  • お好きな公演の追加チケット1枚
  • An invitation to the post-show cast & crew party

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